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Airport Retail Utility Training Program

Academic Courses and Fees
Courses offered Age Qualification Duration Course Fees
Airport Retail Utility Training Program 18 - 30 10 + 2 30 Days 25,000

Airport Retail Utility Training Program

The range of non-aviation business and income sources at an airport is wide, covering retail, food and beverage, parking, landside real estate and other services. Still the full non-aviation business potential is often not realized at airports.The world of airport retail is booming. As airports continue to implement tasks such as check-in and bag-drop remotely, there is more physical space which can be used to increase non-aviation revenue streams.

Airport retail hubs are the places where several big local brands and even multinational companies showcase their products and services. These retail airport hubs are ensuring that passengers make the most of their limited time before boarding. Travellers with a couple of hours to kill before a journey are a big target for the retailers in their immediate vicinity.

For instance, WHSmith’s travel arm is making profit while its high street sales are slumping. The biggest trends in airports for 2020 are personalization and making high end shopping an attainable luxury for the modern traveller.

3 Steps Retail Utility Course consists of 12 classes spread over a 30 working days and is estimated to take up to 18hours to complete the entire course module. 3 Steps trains you in Retail Management and will conduct a lot of inter-active sessions based on the three core values, i.e. Curiosity & Drive, Accountability and People Skills of being a perfect Sales person.

In this Airport Utilities Retail world the scope is wide and every individual outlet have Store/Outlet Manager, Sales Assistant, Assistant Outlet Manager, Cashiers, Visual Merchandiser and many more. So candidates must take a chance by looking into this career option as a fresher where the recruitment criterions are far less stringent. Furthermore, such retail company stores have the best training opportunities to develop your interpersonal skills to deal with passengers and offer good perks too, while you work.

Retail shops need to focus on delivering experiences which offer one of two things: ultimate convenience, or a luxury experience. Business travellers are searching for both of these items simultaneously and with the time-poor traveller spending more hours in airports than with free time at the destination, then offering service, quality and a memorable moment is all important.

Retail owners need to work out how to leverage their brand equity and play to their consumer’s requirements, while also reducing any barriers to purchase. There is nothing more stressful than waiting in queues to pay while your flight is on its final call. For example, cosmetics stores now offer simple beauty treatments while passengers wait, and high end stores hold customer preference details and have items wrapped and ready to take when they arrive in the store. Industry watchers predict that international and domestic travellers will always remain thrilled being at airports and display a measure of irrational exuberance. Or remain travel stressed, in which case they buy a compensation gift and undergo ‘retail therapy’. The future of airport non-aviation business is exciting and dynamic.