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What are various disciplines with 3 Steps pertaining to Aviation academics?

The various disciplines in the Aviation Industry can be broadly categorized under the following heads to keep it simple :
(i) Cabin Crew/Air Hostess (ii) Ground staffs (iii) Cargo Personnel (iv) Airport Retail and Utilities personnel.


Whom do I first contact if I am interested to join this industry?

A. If anyone is interested in joining the aviation industry, there are two options for this. The options are –

  • Prepare yourself by your own and face the walking interviews conducted by Airline Companies and Aviation sub sectors.
  • The second most prudent and realistic option is to approach 3 Steps Aviation to train you & show you the way mainly due to the following reasons:

a. This is an institute run by Aviation professionals.

b. Best high-tech Classroom facility in the whole of Eastern India.

c. Best student oriented faculty members (Min 10-15 years of experience in aviation Industry). Senior top Management/Directors are all Ex-Airlines personnel.

d. Best grooming classes by experts who will build the confidence both inside and outside.

e. Best Placement facilities with 100% placement assistance to all according to qualification and ability. 3 Steps is way ahead of others in matters of opportunity and transparency towards our enrolled candidates.


What are the chances of a fresher to grab a job in this industry?

Every industry needs freshers and especially this Aviation Sector. Companies always look for freshers to recruit as they are the brains capable of modulations and have the zeal to learn and adopt things easily. Aviation industry is always in need of fresher and once recruited they are introduced into the company with an induction process and further enhanced training. It conquers a vast range of job opportunities, varying from Airplane Services to the Ground Level jobs, although some more popular options such as Pilot and Air Hostess, glamorize the whole sector; the other lesser known but, exquisite job profiles also exist. In these high flying times of boost in tourism, trade and commerce aviation in India is a much coveted workplace.


Is knowledge of English necessary in this industry?

Not in every field of the industry. For Cabin Crew fluency in English language is mandatory, for direct Airlines commercial staff fluency in English is required, for GHAs moderate English is required, for Airport retails moderate English is required, for Cargo CSA moderate English is required, for loaders and porters English is not required, for food packaging units English is not required and many more. However, it is always advantageous to know English in this trade as this remains the language of the skies.


Does 3 Steps provide English language training classes?

Yes, we do provide English communication classes and it is integrated in our modules and faculty member devote time for our students to speak presentable and understandable English.


Who would impart the Aviation knowledge and training?

Our programme (Course) conductor are all Ex-Airlines personnel and they make sure you develop the right skills and knowledge during the interview rounds conducting by the recruiters. Moreover before every campus interview, eligible candidates are called for an pre-interview briefing so that they gain the necessary confidence and courage.


What are the various age limit criteria?

Cabin crew – 18 to 27 years
Airport ground staff – 18 to 27years
Airport Cargo Staff – 18 to 32 years
Airport Retail Staff – 18 to 30 years


How do you’ll provide jobs/placements?

As we are closely associated with the Aviation industry we are in constant touch with the Airlines and its associated sectors, hence we are kept well-informed of the recruitment drive with date, time and venue of the campus interviews for our candidates.


Which are the companies who would recruit?

Airlines, Ground Handling Companies, Airport Outlets, Airline Cargo and Cargo Agent.


Do you’ll conduct any practical internship program?

Yes we do have practical internship program included in our training for our candidates to get an open picture of airport and to know the related areas where they can be placed or would be working in future if selected in the interview.


Is there any grievances department if I am not satisfied?

Yes, there is Grievance Cell and our Administraive Department look after after all such issues. They do probe into all such complaints and grievances, if any. However, there is not even a miniscule scope of the same as our processes are very transparent and candid.


Is there any student support scheme until the time I get a job?

Yes, we do have schemes to support our candidates pertaining to the charges and supportive loans till the time they are placed. We would be eager to brief you on the procedures if such candidates contact us.